Backup copy of game pc help

ok i have kids and they are a little hard on the game cd/ dvd i have tried to make backups with my nero and alc120 with no luck they will not work any ideas on how to back them up? thanks for your help. jeff

It depends on your games and the copy protection on it and your burners.

More information would be a help.

the game is emergency fire response and a few more games like splinter cell (dvd) and counter strike and has for the drive iam getting a new one the plextor a716 i think thats the right numbers its there newest on. thanks agan for the help jeff

some games are going to be incredibly difficult to backup because of the copy protection, especially Splinter Cell. The manufacturers are afraid that everyone who makes a copy of a game is using it for illegal purposes, so they dont want you to copy it. It may involve no-cd patches but they are considered to be illegal, as they allow you play games without the cd.