Backup copy is distorted

I am using DVDFab 3.086 and have used DVDFab with a great deal of success… I am using Phillips DVD-R’s and again have had great success. I recently made a backup of ‘Sleepover’. It is not a brand new movie and everything seemed to go through without a hitch. I think I customized the copy and only pulled out some previews… When you view the move, it is pretty badly distorted throughout the whole movie. Just seems very stripped down. Not viewable without getting a headache. Does anyone have any input on what could be causing this?? I am burning it with the default setting (Max) or (recommended). It is a Pioneer burner with the latest firmware (16x) and when the DVD burns it is usually anywhere from 6-12x. Could the solution be to slow down the burn to 2 or 4x or is it a different problem?
Again most DVD’s I make backups of will come out fine. I look forward to any input.
Thanks Dan

Hi Dan. First, update to version I think your first instinct to reduce the burn speed is a good idea also. 16X burning puts tremendous demands on your PC to supply your burner with the bits it is demanding. The fact that your burns max out at 12X or so may be an indication that this is what’s happening. I would also suggest trying to reduce demands from any other software/processes during the burning process by disconnecting from the internet, disabling AV/FW software and anything else that would cause your PC to have to divide its attention from feeding the burner. Try some burns at 4X or 8X and see how that works.

Thank you Signal. I will try that. I feel the Phillips discs are alright. They have been fine in the past. I just bought 100 of them too. I appreciate your input. Dan

If the discs have worked with your burner in the past there is no reason they should not work now (although Philips may be using a different manufacturer for the current batch). Also, I meant to ask what kind of distortion you were seeing with the problem discs. Please post your results, good or bad, as it may help others. Hope it works.:slight_smile:

It just pauses ever so slightly and gets somewhat distorted. Sort of difficult to explain. You can’t watch the DVD the way it is. Too frustrating. I’m out the door. Will check back in a couple hours. Thanks again. Dan

Thanks, Dan. Will look for you later.

I know he said he hasn’t had any problems with his media, but could it be the media, a bad batch? Is it with a specific movie that this happens with or all of them all of a sudden? Never heard of this type of issue before. ~ Mike

Dan, if you have CD-DVD Speed, you should run the back up through it to see what kind of results you get. It’ll tell you the quality of the burn and the amount of errors. ~ Mike

Yeah, on the one hand, why would this be happening all of a sudden with the same burner, firmware, burn speed and media (is this a brand new spindle?)?
But…it certainly sounds characteristic of common burn errors which are most likely a function of poor, incompatible or “marginalized” media and/or inappropriate burn speeds…at least these are the “usual suspects”.

I agree, the logical steps are: change media and reduce the burn speed.
I guess we’ll wait to hear back from the OP with some specifics.