Backup / convert dvd with dts sound to avi / divx with dts sound?

Is there a “normal” program that does the following:

  1. take a dvd / VOB files with dts sound track,
  2. convert that dvd to an avi, which still has audio-track DTS support?

I have to shrink my music collection, which contains a lot of dvd’s… But I do not want to remove the DTS sound!

I found following info via :



But this, to say the least, cumbersome ; )

SO, very interested which software can do this - I googled a lot for it :confused:



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I don’t know of any one program that can do what you want and I’ve never tried it myself, but demuxing and re-muxing the DTS might be your only option. I remember reading something about Handbrake with DTS pass through and you can also see if VirtualDub Mod, or even VirtualDub itself, has any DTS plugin available. Good luck.

Update: I just checked the Autogk site and it says it supports DTS output, you might want to give it a try.

Thank you very much for the info!! My reply is late, but not less appreciated : )

I myself only found one possible solution, namelly Nero Digital Vision. I haven’t tested it yet, because the “trial-version” I downloaded was infested with nasty’s, sadly enough not recognized by Avast.

I will repost, in time, which program does what we need… I’ll start with AutoGK - ugly website, but specs seem very promising indeed.

Again, thank you!