Backup config with lite-on 52327 and nero?

i need to backup all my data this weekend because i have an incredibly stressful/pressured relocation in 9 days. computer and media could end up stored in a house or in storage and possibly moved more than once. i don’t have time to do the endless researching i usually do, so i need help. i have:

lite-on 52327S, firmware rev. QS57, dma is off
nero express ver. bundled
incd ver. (rather not use from what i read)
windows 98 1st ed. on a p2 350 mhz, 512 mb ram
fuji 80 minute 48x 700mb cd-r’s manufactured by taiyo yuden

what are the settings i should use in order to get the most accurate backup. i have lots of web pages, some music and photos, all my programming stuff from school (c, vb, sql, etc), a few databases, downloaded programs and update backups, and such. i did a cdspeed test in case the results would help (approx. start 20x, end 17x, avg 18x).

Hi zazen,

if you got much time for your backups I would choose a slow speed like 8x. To be sure your data is written correctly use CDCheck Your fuji’s (taiyo yuden) are best quality media so I think give it a go :).

You should also enable your DMA for the best burn.

If you are not sure how then try here for all windows versions.

thank you! i burned a small file for a friend today and this weekend i shall test your suggestions on my backup.