Backup Command & Conquer The First Decade DVD

I am hoping to make a backup image of Command & Conquer The First Decade DVD, so I don’t have to have the DVD in my DVD drive.

A-Ray scanner seems to indicate that the DVD is a “SafeDisc DVD” with “SafeDisc 2/3” (screen shot attached: a-ray_1.jpg).

I first attempted to make a backup using Alcohol 120% v1.9.5 build 3823, but with the DVD inserted I got a different options menu then I am used to seeing (screen shot attached: alcohol_1.jpg). I was presented with options about splitting the file, but no “Datatype” drop down".

I also tried using BlindWrite v5.2.24.163, but I once again received an usual message saying “DVD-ROM, incomplete” (screen shot attached: blindwrite_fail_1.jpg).

DVDDecryptor gave a “UDF File System Parsing Failed!” message (screen shot attached: dvd_fail_1.jpg, dvd_fail_2.jpg).

Has anyone had any success in making a backup image of this game DVD? Any suggestions?


Here is the Problem (What is in the red box)

Remember a DVD can only hold 4.7 gigs. Just tell Alcohol to sperate every 4 gig. That should work.


That doesn’t make any sense. Although I understand most consumers purchase the single layer burnable DVDs, also known as DVD-5, which would put their capacity at 4.7GB, there is also the available DVD-9 dual layer burnable DVDs which have a 8.5GB. But I do not understand how that affects the situation I am experiencing. I am looking to create a disk image of the game so I do not have to use a DVD. If the image wants to be 20GB, I do not see how that would affect the problem I described. If this would indeed cause a problem with the backup image process, please let me know.


According to Daemon Tools website, Command & Conquer: The First Decade uses “SafeDisc 4.60.000”. It’s listed here. I don’t know if that helps any one with some suggestions to help my situation.


Well arrcoding to your Alcohol 120% Screen it has to be a dual layer. You do know you can cover the front of a dual layer disc. A example is the DVD+R DL. The front has a very light cover not dark. Considering that the Comand and Conquer first decade has 12 games on the disc and some of them are quite big. Tiberian sun is a two disc game. So Do what I said and come back or you could go to your local wal-mart, target, compusa, ext. and buy a 3 pack of DVD+R DL. I whish I could help more but I have all the Command and Conquer on CDs.

I am still missing the reason I need some burnable DVDs. I am not trying to burn the image, I want to create a “disk” image, one that will sit on my computer so I can play the game without having a DVD in the drive.

OH OH well that means you don’t have enough space on your drive. Free up some space then try. Sorry for my lack of reading the post. I though you meant burn it. I didn’t notice you put image. Most people come here when they want to copy a cd/dvd and they are having a error with it. My greatest apologies.

I have 71GB free on the drive.

DVDs do not have a datatype option I suspect. There is no need. DVDs can only have 2048/sectors images. Nothing else. Therefore, DVDs are usually protected either by weak sectors (SafeDisc) or RMPS (SecuROM and StarForce). Since C&C has SafeDisc, don’t enable DPM and try and make an image with Alcohol. You don’t appear to have tried to make an image with Alcohol for whatever reason…

Also, I noticed with Blindwrite you did not appear to select or specify a destination location. This could be the cause of your problem maybe…

I tried creating a DVD with Alcohol, with DPM option disabled. There are multiple games on this DVD. The first two C&C games were happy with the disk, but the more recent games requested that the disk be inserted, an obvious sign that the copy protection is not happy.

The problem is that I couldn’t select a destination. As soon as it saw this particular disc, I only was presented with “Incomplete DVD” message, and not ability to do anything else.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Sorry can’t help you much. I guess you removed any nasty software (e.g. StarForce drivers) from your computer before trying to make any images.

Other then that, I’m guess you’re aware of the general recommendations for running backup images. Specifically, make sure you properly disable all IDE and SATA optical drives (I would recommend you disconnect them for diagnosing problems).

Also, I would recommend you use Daemon (latest version of course) to mount the image and check out the Daemon page for any anti-safedisc blacklist filter.

BTW, I assume you’ve tried the games with the original DVD. It’s not much use trying to get a backup to work if the game is bugged and so doesn’t work…

I have the same problem too…
Original disc no problem playing…
BlindWrite/CloneCD don’t work…
Alcohol images cannot work properly with Tiberian Sun and Yuri’s Revenge and Generals/Zero Hour…Other games OK.

First things first…
DVD’s have been around a lot less time than cds so cloning tech isnt as far along either.
CD cloning in alcohol has the datatype option, DVD’s dont thats that.
Try it with skip reading errors on

I dont know anything about blindwrite so i cant help there

Next dvddecrypter is for cloning video dvd’s so that wont help

I am pretty sure the dvd used a much higher copy protection version than the ones you quoted. maybe you have old versions which are only quoting the highest version they recognise…

as for the other games, the image drive needs to be the only drive on the system
goto control pannel -> administrative tools -> computer management -> disk management then right click on all other drives and remove their drive letters then change the image drive to d:

The rest of the games should now work… i used to have this problem with straight tib sun.

and ps i mounted it with the alcohol image drive

anyway thats what worked for me

I don’t know what’s going on with all these people posting when they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Anyway, Id33k hasn’t input anything useful, and you were correct about the disc being protected by SafeDisc 4, so don’t listen to masterfrodd. Also, of course DVD Decrypter can copy any type of disc, not just DVD video (as DVD Video discs are just data).

I’m going to try to make an image of this disc soon, I’ll post results when I have them.

The latest version of Alcohol has an enhanced weak sector scanner, maybe you should try it. Incidently, unless I’m mistaken, DVD Decrypter is primarily designed to decrypt CSS encrypted discs (i.e. DVD Video). I don’t think it supports reading DPM nor does it support weak sectors.

Altho then again, I don’t think reading weak sectors from an original is anything special, it’s just the writing that’s difficult. Which is why I’m somewhat surprised people have so many problems. I can’t help wondering if it’s a blacklist and/or SCSI drive problem. I notice that the only one person who seems to understand the basics of using images aka master seems to say there is no problem.

So again, I would repeat what I said 6 months ago. Make sure you completely disable your optical drives, use the latest daemon, and perhaps take a look for SD blacklist filters

Oh I did forget to mention, I do hope people who are having problems creating images don’t have diskspace issues (it’s a 7.7gb image) or filesystem issues (FAT32 of course only supports files up to 4gb)

You can also take a look here.

Your right but it will copy plain old DVD discs.

Anyway, I used the latest version of Alcohol 120% ( and used all the defaults from the SafeDisc4 option to backup the disc to an image. Then I mounted the image with Daemon Tools (4.0.8).

At this point the game said that it needed the disc in the drive. I tried using YASU but it made my PC bluescreen every time I tried to use it so I used SD4Hide (1.1) and everything runs from that point on with the C&C:TFD 1.02 update.

SD4Hide (1.1) Download:

bobcharm, use the mini image at gameburnworld.

It’s located here:

Mount this mini image using daemon tools (latest build)

I just did this tonight and it works perfect.
I would also like to make a copy of the DVD soon, but this mini image will help at least avoid using the physical disk.

Good Luck,