Backup Civil War

I am attempting to backup Ken Burn’s Civil War, which I purchased in the Region 2 format. I used fab gold to copy and write the dvd, but it was still in region 2 format (I tried to use a region 1 dvd player). Are we able to covert the region using fab gold? thank you

If using ver 3 there is a [B]*[/B] with a hole in the center of it to left of [B]?[/B]. Click on it and [B]common settings[/B] appear, click on [B]common settings[/B], then look under [B]DVD [/B] and you will see [B]protections[/B] in the list on the left. Click on [B]protections[/B] and you will see a list of check boxes with a drop down Menu that will have an region code displayed. Change that to the region of the disc that you are backing up to remove the region code.


hi, I’ve tried a couple of the settings with no luck yet…will let you know if I’m successful…thanks

Hi Mack, I followed the procedure that you recommended with no success. I tried 4 times, do you have any other ideas? thanks

I backed up that disk set recently, used DVD Decrypter to back up to Hard Drive then DVD Fab to write/burn the outcome from the files I copied to the hard drive. Worked a treat.


Hi Sharrrri

When you open DVDFab open commen settings click on Protection this will open the Protection page, make sure there is a check mark where it says "Remove RCE"
now in the drop down window make sure that it shows
"2-Western Europe, Japen and South Africa"
and click ok
this should do it if not mabe the disc is not region 2 :slight_smile:


Are you 100% sure the original is region 2? Download CD Speed and check it. There is a link in maineman’s signature to CD Speed.


thanks all…I’m still working on it…

hi Mack…can’t find maineman’s signature to check cd speed. Is there an option for checking region ? thanks

Down load here:

It is free and runs without Nero.


thanks all…I am mentally tired (I have a small mental) I will attack at a later time and will let all know how I’ve done.

cage123, does your method then make it possible to view the region 2 dvd on a region 1 dvd player? thank you