Backup 'champions of norrath' ..special?

i want to backup ‘champions of norrath’ however alcohol 120%says it is like 7.5 gigs is there i program i can use to shrink it to 4.7??



There are some fine guides written by FP here.

i forgot to say that it was a ps2 game hehe… stupid me can dvd shrink still do it?

No. Is the quick and simply answer.
I guess I am going to have to learn a few game titles aren’t I to stop that happening again.:stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest with you I don’t think this is possible. Current copying drives can only go up to 4.7GB.

If it was a DVD movie then you could cut things out of it or degrade the quality of the movie to make it fit. Because this is a game you can’t do that. Well you probably could cut things out but then the game wouldn’t work.

I think at present you are just going to have to be very carefull with the game.

Also while I am here you do know that you would need to have a chipped PS2 for this game to work in it?

yeah i have the slide card for my ps2 as well as the swap discs they work with all the games i have plus imports. dang wish there was a way to do it, oh well thx then

I originally was told by Nero that CoN wouldn’t fit inside a 4.7G DVD… When I checked the original game’s properties using the PC, it apeared that its contents were actually smaller than a regulars DVD’s capacity… Stilll I was not able to burn it using Nero, so I tried DVD Decrypter… The dialog box told me CoN wouldn’t fit inside a reg DVD, I told DVD decrypter to burn anyway, feeling that the extra space noticed by burning software, but aparently invisible to the game’s properties (right mouse button, menu appears, below) as seen by the PC, was just a trick used by development companies to prevent backing up of games.
The game was burnt, and I was able to play it… I have been playing it all day, and it doesn’t seem to fail at all (so far)…