Backup cd's



hey guys, looking to backup some old cd’s. Not sure what program to use. I lost all my old programs when last computer died. I know I can make them mp3’s or put them on hard drive but I need them for my old radio in my truck. I need actual cd’s. I’m looking for, hopefully, some free software to copy these.
Sorry if this question is pathetic, but i’m at a loss right now.

Thanks in advance.


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Well…here´s what I do
CloneCD - it´s not free but does a great job

A suggestion…ImgBurn - free, and is useful for several back-up functions. Should handle most CDs unless they have copy protection.

Important: Use quality discs. Usually the safest/best are TY. or maybe Verbatim. Read around if you have problems with this. The members will be glad to suggest which type may suit your set-up as burning CDs for car players is often problematic.

Let us know how you get on.


Just something to add to Dean’s recommendations - try burning the audio at 16x for good results. I also recommend Taiyo Yuden CDRs.

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ok guys … thanks … but i’ve burned cd’s before, i know what media i can use successfully, i just cannot see spending $20 or more to backup 3 cd’s.
my old computer is gone, cannot locate program cd’s (i moved as well) so i was looking for a quick, easy solution.
thanks for the help, any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.