Backup CD 1:1 - What software? Anything available with DVD Decrypter "like" ISO R/W

Hello. There is no copy CD forum, so here goes…

What software would I need to do a 1:1 backup of a CD? I prefer free software.

I am familiar with DVD Decrypter and its ISO Read/Write feature for 1:1 backups of DVDs. I am looking for similar software but for doing backups of CDs. Any recommendations? Thanks.

Blindwrite,Alcohol 120% and Clonecd. None of them are free.

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I am investigating Clone CD. I installed the trial. I’ve got a couple questions…

Are there any good tutorials available?

Will I get a 1:1 duplicate if I use the “Read image to file” button followed by the “Write from image file” button? Basically, does this do the same thing DVD Decrypter would do for DVDs (the ISO read/write mode)?

There is no one specific guide that you can follow, this is because different copy protections have different approaches. The first thing to do is to have A-Ray Scanner onhand. A-Ray Scanner will tell you the type of copy protection that you are dealing with.

This is a guide to copy SafeDisc 4

This is a guide for SecuROM 4.8

You will find all kinds of guides here

As you will notice there are a lot of factors. It’s just not as simple as drop the disk in the drive and make 1:1 copy.

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I probably should have said that I am trying to backup AUDIO CDs. Do these have copy protections like video games and DVDs?

Okay, that makes it a little harder.

You can try this approach.

If you have any current labels that are from sony recommend that you have AnyDvD ruunning in the background so in will block Sony’s rootkit from being installed on your computer.

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