Backup! can't do?



I recently bought age of empires2 and age of empires the conquerors expansion pack. I have 2 little brothers who are very careless with my cds and somehow manage to get most of them scratched!!... so iwant to make back up copys of these cd's. Ive tried to copy them with clone cd and Roxio... both do not work they start but dont go over the 0% mark and just sit there. Does anyone know how to copy these cds?? or are microsoft such bastards they've made it impossible to backp disks u buy from them??



There’s only safedisc on AOE as far as i know. I’ve had no problems copying my original (Collectors edition) cd’s with CloneCD.

You could try to copy/paste the entire contents of the cd to disk. If it does that , the cd is readable. CloneCD should have no problem with it.


Maybe your drive isn’t supported…


hard to know without posting what drive it is hints