Backup blurred (AnyDVD/CloneDVD2)

I tried to backup Troy. I used AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 (version in my signature). Everything went fine, only the two software running, nothing else. When checking the backup, it turned out that at the beginning the picture is totally blurred (+blue stripes on the TV screen) and later some parts are visibly blurred. I bought the original DVD 2 days ago, and evidently there are no scratches on it.
Media used: TDK x1-x4. Never ever had this kind of problem.

Where did you buy that? from my understanding, that movie is not due out until 1/4/2005

It is sold in Europe.

im using the exact same software as you with a nec 3500 and im hopefully getting troy tomorrow. will let you know how it goes.

Exactly the same has happened to me:

CloneDVD2, AnyDVD, Troy! R2 (Full DVD clone, keeping menus, without removing PUOS and without going direclty to main film)

The reader a toshiba 1612, writer GSA-4040B (Verbatim DVD-R 4x). In the files of HD, it is blurred too so it is not a problem of bad media.

As I have read troy! has masterized errors, so I assumed that anydvd went ‘wrong’. The DVD is playable, but you see some parts, specially in the middle (height) slightly blurred.

But know, reading to you…

Edit: I forgot to say Windows XP SP2

I did Troy at the beginning of this week successfully - R4 PAL (Australia). I used AnyDVD with DVD Shrink (Movie Only).

Well, I made a second try. Same software, same media, only movie without menu and extras. Same blurring at the very beginning and later for some minutes. Movie despite these small nuisances is ok.

Seems the solution will be AnyDVD with DVDShrink. Thanks for the idea.

I also did Troy yesterday successfully-Region 3
I used CloneDVD and AnyDVD
Media:That`s 8X DVD-R
Burner:Pioneer A08-J-BK

It might be my burner, but it is new, and the blurring occurs always at the same spots. So, I exclude this possibility. And yes, I almost forgot: there is no blurring when played back from HDD with PowerDVD.

Perhaps you should try using different discs - Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden to be sure!

Thanks for the advice, Agent 007. That was my second thought, so bought another brand of media today (and another burner, lmao). Just got pissed.

Same problem here (R2 - Belgium) rip done with dvddecrypter… transcoder cloneDVD (& also tried
I’ve tried several things… movie only, movie with menu… but always the same blurring problem as described before… note that it already occured on my HDD with WinDVD ! :confused:
I’ve also tried to backup only the 24 first chapters in order to have quality level set to 100% and there no blurring problem at all !!! So, I think that the transcoding engine does something wrong perhaps… :sad:
Furthermore, backup of this full movie with DVDShrink was succesull !? :o
PS: Definitively NOT a burning/ burner problem or a media one.

Olli, Armin and the other experts, have you got an idea ???

hey guys, how about you try this and see if it continue’s or if the blurr is in the same spot.

open AnyDVD, click on the CSS Keys tab, find the entry for TROY and delete it, then try again and see if the problem still occur…

I believe there is a “Troja-specific” problem with the transcoder. We’re still checking…

It’s not specific to “Troy”. The problem is there with “The Abyss” to. I use Clonedvd2 and Anydvd. With DVDfab there is not problem. I think the problem is Clonedvd or Anydvd.

It is not AnyDVD which is at fault - no way it can “blurr” a movie.
Abyss - which version? Which country? Come on guys, how shall we fix things, if you don’t tell us more details…

Hi all,

Yes as Olli said, I’m quite sure it’s not a anydvd issue because I’ve the problem with TROY movie ripped on HD with DVDDecrypter (so, anydvd not used !!!)
As I mentioned before, I suspected the transcoding engine as if I select some chapters in order to set the compression level to 100%, the blurring effects are not present… My movie version was R2 from belgium
Olli, if you need further information in order to help to fix it, don’t hesitate :slight_smile:

Same here, Olli. If you need any data, just let me know.

The Abyss - 2 disc edition - R2 - Denmark. I tried to have Anydvd running in the background an then open the first vob file on the disk with nerovision and the error was there.

What exactly did you try to open with NeroVision? Files on the Harddisk created by CloneDVD? Files on the original disc with AnyDVD running?