Backup bluray to pc for play over network and ps3?

I want to start archiving my bluray collection to my PC and be able to play them in full quality over the network on my PS3… I do utilize the TrueHD/DTS-HD audio tracks and 1080p video from the discs, so i’d need to retain that… is it possible to stream that from my PC or am I stuck swapping discs still?

PS3 can stream single files and it can play m2ts. But I don’t believe the PS3 can stream the entire blu-ray structure. That means you will not be able to retain the menu, pop up menu etc. Also the PS3 might not be able to play some video or audio codecs in an m2ts (you will need to test it).

Also if the main movie is across several m2ts files it’s not going to be good for you. So I guess for some movies we are still stuck with the discs.

I’d use anydvd to copy it, then consider using Handbrake to make an m4v out of the source, there is a HD setting on Handbrake I think…