Backup Audio is lagging 3-5 seconds behind pic

I use Intervideo WinDVD Creator to burn Movie, The Audio is Lagging behind about 3 to 5 seconds… :confused:

I used Maxell DVD+R media ( 8x 4.7 2 hrs )

CPU is a AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 80gb

Burner is Liteon SOHW 822s

havent had problems before so not sure what to look for to correct or modify

I was also thinking of going with Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 4.7GB, 8X, from RIMA as I saw in other threads… Is this media compatable with my LITE-ON 822s?

Thanks in advance, :bow:


Are you mixing PAL and NTSC sources and equipment?
This will cause a sync. problem.


There are two major things that can cause sync problems. One is a poor capture, your drive may need to be defragged, or you may have too much stuff running in background. Your media is not the best or worst quality.
I would try first running a defrag, and then start all over with the encoding process andd then reburn. See if that makes a difference. If not, move to shutting down some of the background tasks. Next try different media like Verbatim, Fuji Film (Made in Japan), or Taiyo Yuden. If you still have the problem after that, either your source file is the problem, or your software that you are using to encode and burn.

Thanks for the info, I was running other programs in the background, so I hope this was the problem…