Backup audi rns-e 2007

hello i am french
I bought the software audi rns-e 2007 I want to make a copy to keep the original
Is that dvd are protected? And how to make the backup?

Transferring to ‘CD & DVD Copy Protections’ section…

Edit: Done!

I suggest you read the threads about backing up dvd navigation discs and also the one you already posted in and try these methods :wink:

nothing for my help?

You could start here and try the different methods described and read the other threads which are linked in this one.

Use DVDdecripter to backup the image on the hd, after burn the image with clonecd at 1x use a dvd+r dual layer. I have a backup of dvd1 west europe perfectly made on dvd+r dual layer philips

this solution?