Backup a protected secure digital card?

I searched these forums and Google, and haven’t found an answer to this question.
How do I make a backup of an application that is “Locked” to an SD card using (secure digital, for lack of a better word).

I purchased this application for my palmtop, and it comes on a 512MB SD card.
I would like to make a backup for two reasons.

  1. I would like to run the app from a 4GB SD card, as this app won’t run without the card inserted.
  2. This app was very expensive, and I would really like to have a backup of it.

Thank you

Moving to the ‘Flash Memory’ forum…

You probably need a secure host to do the key exchange. Have you tried the app. makers? They should have the means to access the secure portion of the media.

Thank you for your reply DeepTrance,
Contacting the the application makers is almost next to impossible. I wish there was an easy way to contact them.
A brief history on this application:
This is the only known version of Picsel Browser that is distributed on “normal” media.
All the other versions are/were embedded into devices.

Picsel Browser for Zaurus
Contacting Picsel Inc, they replied, "Contact the distributer"
The distributer is Sharp Japan.
I have 2 things going against me.
Picsel Browser in NOT available outside a very small group of embedded devices, such as certain phones and now obsolete PDAs
It is distributed for the Sharp Zaurus Personal Mobile Tool.
These are only available in Japan. You have to purchase one through an importer if you live outside of Japan.
Sharp doesn’t reply to most people outside of Japan regarding the Zaurus, and if they do, it is a reply about the hardware and refers you to the distributer that you purchased your Zaurus from.

has the card been locked?, check the little lock on the side of the card

No the lock device is in the “unlock” position.

Hi To all of you brothers,

I am new to this forum. I have a problem. I have an SD card with a GPS navigation software. I need to make a DVD Back of that SD card. Is it possible? I’ll be thankful if anyone help me in this matter.

Well you could copy all the files, why not?