Backup a dvd

Hi al
It’s my first attempt to make a backup from a DVD. In my case


I want to :[ol]
[li]fit the DVD on a DVD-R
[/li][li]remove al subtitles except the Swedish
[/li][li]keep only the English audio
[/li][li]when the DVD starts playing show part of the original menu – with the buttons “play” and “extras”
[/li][li]when hitting “extras” start playing extras[/ol]
1 to 3 I know to do with DVD Shrink…
But how and with which tools should I do 4 + 5?

Well, 4+5 really depends on the layout of the original DVD. The only way you are going to get all of that is by doing a straight backup of the full disc.

click the chapter numbers on the left to move through the guide

the difference that removing a couple of audio track will make is little, is it worth bothering?

thx 4 your answer G)-(osters, but isn´t just a little OT? I want 4+5