Backup a disk which has been backup to a computer

HI, I am in a bit of pickle. I have(had) this favorite Romance DVD that took me forever to find and I have had it for years. It was getting marked up pretty bad. I copied it to back it up to the computer.
I did hear you can get a repair kit for that and that is what I thought I would do. If I could find one. But just in case I wanted it backed up.

After watching it one day I was in a hurry and left the disk on top of the dvd machine and didn’t my 6 year old get the disk while the babysitter was there and she put the disk in her Easy Bake Oven in an effort to help me ‘burn’ a back up copy.

The DVD melted and I am royally stuck. I am going through my Romance DVD withdrawals. lol

My question for anyone who is willing to help, is how do I get it off of my computer and back onto a disk so that I can watch it?

I know enough about computers to use the basics and understand basic computer language like burning a disk. That is about the extent of my knowledge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You!

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If you already have all files in your computer, then it is not really difficult to burn a copy. You only need a DVD burner, a quality DVD disc, and a burning software. I suggest ImgBurn (it’s free and one of the best available in my opinion).

Let’s start with files: how did you copy all files from the original disc on the computer? Do you have a bunch of .IFO, .BUP and .VOB files?


Thank you so much for helping me

I do have a dvd burner.
I am going to buy some disks today.

Yes they are all in those different types of .IFO, .BUP and .VOB files

I just did a google search for imgburn.

Is this the right link?

Yes, it is the right link :slight_smile:

Can you check please the total file dimensions? Simply right click on the folder containing the vob-ipo-bup files and select properties :slight_smile:

If total file size is around 4.2 GB, then you can directly burn files on the DVD.

If size is bigger, then you have two possibilities: burn on a Dual Layer disc or compress the movie first and then burn files on a disc.

To compress the movie you can use DVD Shrink.

If you want burn on a DL disc, I suggest to buy a Verbatim disc because all other brands have a very variable quality from decent to ugly :frowning:

The file dimensions are 7.55 gb.

I found DVD shrink and downloaded and installed it.

I don’t think I have the dual layer disk burner.

Going to work on the DVD shrink program right now.

With DVD Shrink you can compress the movie easily. I also suggest to remove any unwanted feature, like for example foreign languages and subtitles to reduce the amount of compression needed.

In re-author mode you can also save the movie only, getting rid of all menus. Often, saving the movie only and removing all extra contents, you can save the movie with no compression :slight_smile:

DVD shrink it already made its folder.

I didn’t uncheck anything because I didn’t know what anything really meant.

I have the folder that dvdshrink made.

When I open imgburn I have six options

  1. write image file to disk
  2. create image file from disk
  3. Verify disk
  4. write files folder to disk
  5. create image file from files/ folders
  6. Discovery

Can you please tell what I am suppose to choose?
Or should I do the dvdshrink again?
When all is done, will the move start right up again when I put it in the dvd player?

Thank You!

The best option with DVD Shrins is to save the file as ISO, and then use ImgBurn to burn the file.

If you don’t want run Shrink again, then see here how to use it in build mode :slight_smile:

I will rerun the dvd shrink again.

Thank you for that link I will save it for another time.

You have been so wonderful for all of your help.


Thank You

You’re welcome :slight_smile: