Backup a backup



Is there any software out there that will backup disc to disc without having to re-encode?

Seems to me that once you’ve backed up a DVD and it no longer requires resizing or decrypting there should be a faster way to make a copy without going through the encoding process again. :confused:

Of course it’s just as likely that I’m wrong… :cool:



It your backup DVD (presumably a movie) has been re-sized to fit & decrpted, any common recording software (Nero 6, RecordNow, CloneDVD) would be able to make a backup of your backup without re-encoding. Disc to disc copy should be no problem. :slight_smile: :wink:


I understood that certain programs only allow backups of the original…but you should be able to backup a backup.
I have seen a thread about this in the Newbie forum I think, but I am not sure.