Backpack DVD+RW drive NEC1300A Flash Recovery Help!

hey there, I have a backpack dvdrw drive, and it seems that I have flashed it with the wrong program like a jackass. I really need someone’s help out there. I hope that someone can help me. It seems that I flashed it with one of the files that was not supposed to be used on the external drives, and thats what I did. I need to know if there is any way of recovering this huge mistake. thank you! god bless. Jay.

You can use BINFLASH or the TDB DOS-flasher to recover your drive.
Use an appropriate firmware from …

CHEF…YOU ARE THE MAN! thank you for responding. I need to recover so badly. thank you for spending your time helping someone out. I will try it now, thank you! i will post back to let you know how that went. THANKS AGAIN!!

alright, i downloaded binflash, and I got the GUI download, and it wont even detect my Drive under windows anymore. nothing seems to be able to detect it. so how do I go about fixing a drive that wont even be recognized? please walk me through this.

Then it’s time to recover the drive in REAL DOS. Means, either using a bootable DOS-partition, bootable floppydisk(s), bootable USB stick or bootable CD or DVDs.
The command prompt in w32 version cannot be used, but w9x could be.

You need to find out how the drive is connected. If you are not usre, open the PC and check it. You could also disconnect all other drives to avoid misflashing them.

Flasher usage is well explained on Herrie’s site and probably in the readme.

Hope that helps.

thank you chef. the drive is connected through uSB, its a backpack drive. external drive. so would I still be able to access it through dos? thanks again, Jay.

Uh, that could be a problem, because accessing USB from DOS is not working most times…
Best would be when you could remove the drive from the external case and connect it to an internal IDE connector, then it should work nicely.

OMG i have not the technical skills to do such a thing…OMG what have I done…sheesh. well thank you for your help. I apprecaite you at least trying. if you could help me out with getting it hooked up through an internal IDE then that would be great, but I am sure that it would take a lot of work. thanks…jay

what can I do? what are my options? do I have to throw this drive away? please leave any kind of suggestions. i dont know how to set up dos the correct way, I would appreciate any kind of help on how to get it recognized under DOS. I know that I have to have legacy support for USB devices in dos, i just dont know how to go about doin it. thanks. jay.

Removing the drive from the external box shouldn’t be that tricky.
When you have, see on the backside of the drive how it’s set up. eg. master, slave or cablse select.
Choose master or slave and connect it to a IDE cable of your internal IDE controller.

Then run binflash -v -scan (IIRC) to check for the drive.
Please see the binflash doc.

If that won’t work under windows, you have to use REAL DOS.
You can get into real DOS using a bootable floppydisk, a bootable CD or DVD, a bootable DOS-partition or a bootable USB device.

CHEF, i must thank you for your persistance. you have tried to help me out as much as you could, however, it is friday, and I have tomorrow off so I am going to party tonight. :a but please stick with me, I am going to try your instructions (new ones) as soon as possible. thank you!

OK, I have my IDE cables hooked up to my external device, and its under the cable secondary slave. how do I get into DOS mode, and get it flashed? i already tried flashing with winflash. but it wont work. thanks again!

ALSO, before I get into dos and start flashing, can someone get me the correct NEC1300A update FLash BIN file Link? I need this desperately, for I do not know which one I need to use with my external drive only! ALERT! thanks!

If you have a floppydisk then use one or two disks, make the first one bootable (format and click on MS-DOS bootable), then put the flasher -TDBs DOS-Flasher and/or Binflash- on the disk and an appropriate firmware too.
Firmware: Which one was on your drive or who is the manufacturer / OEM?

This one? Which model?

That’s important if you want to avoid a misflash.
firmwares are here:

If you run a flasher, you should use the backup firmware option first to find out HOW the drive is connected and also to make a valid firmware backup before flashing a new one. Before backing up to disk, you could swap disk 2 into the drive in case disk 1 is already full.

the actual model name on the drive is ND-1300A and it’s a DVD+RW drive that has a max burning speed of 2.4X (or that’s the higest that it has ever went or could go) and it is indeed a Microsolutions External Backpack drive. this thing is giving me so much grief. GEEZ. but I feel that I am close to recovery now. thank the lord. it has been like a week and a half. but i am going to make a DOS bootable CD now. and I need to put the actual BIN files onto the CD as well correct? CHEF you dont know how much help you have been. thank you. please continue to help me. thanks!

In case you want to go the CD booting way, there are some available at
Useful are those who create a ramdisk from where you can run the flasher then, because there hasn’t to be a disc into (any) drive when flashing, just to stay out of problems.
As I said, problem that I see is USB and it’s “usability” with flashers, especially DOS based ones…

HEY! chef, hopefully your there, I got my DRive to get recognized in WINDOWS somehow, and BINFLASH recognizes it. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!! I need to find the correct BIN file to flash to the drive immediately!I am almost there to recovery! it is a

2.4X burning speed

thanks for your support!

Have you tried with bptools from ??