BackItUp Serious Oversights Render it Useless?

I have been evaluating Nero 6 to see if there is any reason to upgrade from Nero 5.5. One of the most promising developments appeared to be the inclusion of BackItUp, as it provides a single step backup procedure straight onto CD. Any reduction in the number of steps required to backup makes it more likely that users will actually backup. And CD is a cheap and relatively reliable medium to backup onto.

So I was quite excited to try BackItUp out. It seemed straightforward to use, and verified files twice. Restoration was easy too. But then I had a real opportunity to test BackItUp when my laptop died, and I needed to restore the files on to another computer.

Unfortunately, the files that BackItUp needs to restore do not appear to be stored on the CD that the backed up files are kept on. They stay on your hard drive. In my case the no longer accessible hard drive on my bust laptop computer.

I tried to access the compressed files on the CD from another computer with an evaluation version of BackItUp on, but it would not open them. They are trapped. In other words, my backup is as bad as not having backed up at all.

I thought I must be missing something, so I emailed technical support at Nero. Their response - you can use Nero to backup your hard drive onto CD. Hang on, what about this BackItUp you are trumpeting on your web site? No, use Nero to backup your entire 30gig hard drive. Eh? That isn’t what I am asking, and besides, I can’t afford 42 CDs to backup my data every week.

So I emailed them back - haven’t you read my email? I need to restore backed up data that was backed up by your software. The reply - Thank you for your interest in our software.

Well, I can’t think of this as much more than Nero sticking two fingers up at me. Has anyone else here experienced this problem, and related response from Nero?

I can’t say I am going to buy or recommend Nero to anyone after this. If you can’t get a reasonable answer out of Technical Support, then the software is not worth buying IMHO.

I am so really sorry to hear you say that… dunxd :frowning: I was here for the same reason… except I upgraded to Nero 6… Love the program…I was having problems with explorer and was going to reformatt the hardrive. You know, clean up the system…I backed the whole thing up… 64 cds…went smooth… I like the new version of Nero… but in trying to restore my files… I needed a backup information file… which didn’t exist anymore… I’ve been searching for a way to rebuild them or something… I tried to access them by double clicking… maybe there is a way to uncompress them or change the file ending from .nc_ to .nco … I think that is a file the program can work with… I don’t know… I’m not ready to give up yet… I’ve sent 2 emails to Nero about it and haven’t gotten a reply yet… not good considering the replys you got from them… I’ve used Nero for a while and have been happy with it…
Does anybody have a clue? how to help us… 64 cds of data:a and I was trying to be safe…I’m not a rookie… I’d been slacking, and not keeping up with backups… There has to be a way to read the files and make a new inf file…

And you paid for it. Man, that is some pretty poor service there. I still haven’t found a solution. Let me know if you do.

This may be a dumb question, but did either of you check the last disc in the backup for the backup information? I also used BACKITUP, but my problem is that some files seem to be damaged. Seems to me BACKITUP is a useless pile of crap. Hope you guys get it to work.


I never heard back from Nero, and I have needed backups SO often. Feel quite let down, but then the world is that way sometimes…

I had to find other ways of recovering data. I found that R-Studio is a very very good tool for recovering data for all kinds of screwed up hard drives. You have to pay, but you can download a tool which will show you what is and isn’t recoverable, so money won’t be wasted if you really need it and know it can work for you.

Another handy life saving utility I found is ISOBuster ( which recovers data from lost CDs. Absolutely brilliant. And free! I managed to get some photos from a scratched CD. Previously I had found Nero a useful tool for recovering data from damaged CDs (I lived in Tanzania for a year, and somehow that wrecks CDs regularly). Can’t recommend this effort more.

Sad about Nero Backitup being bollocks. Still a decent burner, and they aren’t charging any extra for the shite add ons.

I actually purchased Nero 6 for BackItUp. The pickin’s are very slim when it comes to tried & true software for archiving data to DVDs. It is difficult to find other software which isn’t prone to the same problems, and complaints regarding support, found here (… my specific problem being posted elsewhere on this forum).

I posted a message to Nero sales, hoping they might have some influence. I did hear back, but not from support … yet … I remain optimistic, but refuse to hold my breath.

Making BIU a tried & true product would go a long way for making Nero the optical media package to have. I’d like to think Nero is listening and working on it … but that still does not excuse the lack of support … even to make contact and let us know ther are listening.

:end of rant:

It does seem that for both of you what you should be using is one of the many imaging programs out there. Norton Ghost, DriveImage, Acronis, etc. Neat clean and usually reliable. For an inexpensive, though respected program with a free trial try this:

These are drive imaging softwares, whereas I am wanting only to archive specific data directories. Thanx for the pointers, but if any of these offer more versatility than drive imaging, it isn’t apparent.