BackItUp recovery?

Hello everyone, long time lurker here. Never decided to post since I always found a solution searching the forums here but this one’s an exception. I recently used Nero’s BackItUp to backup my hard drive and it went all fine and dandy until I tried to recover it. On the fourth disc, my Liteon 1633S couldn’t read it at all, thus stopping the back up collection. (12 CDs, I need the 4th one to continue)

I have tried numerous software that try to recover it but it’s turning bleak:
DVD Data Rescue
BadCopy Pro
CD/DVD Diagnostic

The errors were related to “Unrecoverable Read Error” and something about Primary Volume Descriptor, when I scanned it.

As of now, I’m copying every sector of the DVD to my hard-drive via CD/DVD Diagnostic.

Anyone have any ideas how I can recover it?

u can’t

Is there a reason why? :sad: :confused:

any other ideas, maybe in the liteon forum?