BackItUp problem restoring over LAN

Hey people,

I have searched all over the net for the answer to this and I have stumbled across this page, hopefully someone can help.

I used the BackItUp that comes with Nero Ultra Edition to back up a lot of my files on my laptop (19 gigs worth) over my wireless network to my server, I didn’t compress any of them and I wasn’t able to use long file names (nero wanted to omit some stuff so I picked the 8.5 format) the backup seemed fine and i manually checked to make sure all the files where on the server that were on my laptop…

So I reformatted my laptop and re-install Nero and went into the BackItUp wizard and tried to restore my backup, I had the .nbi file and it opens it up fine and I can see all the files and folders that should be there in it, when I tell it to restore it starts to do its thing and about 2 mins after it says it is finished and in the status window it doesn’t say it has copied any files or folders. I found that it did copy ALL the folders back to their proper locations but that is it, not one file gets copied. I have tried it a couple times and nothing I do seems to want to make this thing work.

Is there a way to save this thing? I can copy everything back to my laptop no problem over my LAN, but now everything has the 8.5 naming format on it…

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Having truncated the file names to 8.3 is probably going to make life hard - as the original file names will have been lost.

I’m unclear what your problems is. You say that nothing seems to be restored - then you say that you can copy everything back to your laptop OK but everything has 8.3 names. Which is your problem? If it’s the latter then, as I said, the original file names have been lost.

I’ve no experience with BackItUp - as I’ve got much better backup software available on my system (there again, that backup software cost several times as much as a full copy of Nero!). It’s always best to test backups before you need them - you can do a test restore to a different location.



Sorry let me clarify, When I use BackItUp to restore all it will restore is the folders and directories, it refused to restore any of the files that belong in the directories.

I can copy everything back to my laptop over my LAN, by opening my network connections and finding my back up archive and dragging it over and copying it off my server, all the files and folders are there on my server its just BackItUp won’t do its job, and the only reason I care is because I don’t want to have to rename everything from the 8.5 format =)

I don’t know why BackItUp isn’t working

And I usually do test things… I just assumed that it backed it up fine that it would restore it fine as well… didn’t know BackItUp was a P.O.S =)))

P.S: David, what back up software do you use?

Thanx again

VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers 9.1 build 4691.1 - excellent software but very pricey, as it’s really aimed at the server market. Despite that, it will run on Windows XP Professional so long as you disable Simple File Sharing. I think they’ve finally made it able to back up remote Windows XP Home machines, but it won’t run on XP Home. You don’t have to be in a Domain environment; a workgroup is fine.

Unless I’m very mistaken, you can’t use a Small Business Server version on Windows XP Professional - which is frustrating, because it’s cheaper than the Server version and includes Intelligent Disaster Recovery (which means no need to reinstall your OS to disaster recover).

With the Server version, you can install agents on other machines on your LAN and back them up through that - including system state (the registry and so on). You can have unlimited agents on workstation OSes, but each server OS requires a separately purchased serial number.

Big Backup Exec installations need numerous serial numbers - over the versions, they’ve gradually required users to buy more and more option serial numbers. These days, you need a library expansion option serial number for each autochanger tape drive apart from the first tape drive with a changer. You need an agent serial number for each remote server OS (there used to be a multi-server option that worked with unlimited remote servers). The Intelligent Disaster Recovery option needs a IDR client access licence for each remote machine with IDR protection. Every machine that you want to use the Advanced Open File Option on also needs its own AOFO serial number. All this is without mentioning the multitude of agents for things like Exchange Server and SQL Server!

Backup Exec is supposedly pretty good at identifying reuse of serial numbers on the same network and objecting to it!

I’d like IDR on my machine, but really can’t justify the additional expense. I’ve done a disaster recovery (somehow the C: NTFS partition was corrupted) using Backup Exec 8.5 on Windows 2000 Professional without IDR and it wasn’t too bad once I worked out that you had to install the same OS Service Pack as you were trying to recover. That wasn’t in the instructions anywhere!

Backup Exec won’t drive CD and DVD writers directly unless you’re using DVD-RAM - you have to use packet writing software such as InCD. It was historically a tape drive only package (I’ve got a DDS-4 drive in my machine) with support for a handful of magneto-optical drives, but version 8.6 introduced support for fixed backup to disk folders, and version 9.0 introduced support for removeable backup to disk folders.

My backups these days go first to a large IDE disk, and are automatically duplicated from the IDE disk to DDS-4 tape. Doing things this way means backups complete a lot faster, restores from disk are incredibly fast and don’t put any wear on the tapes, and I have an added layer of redundancy.