Backitup no eject causes corrupt message



Is there a bug in Backitup Nero 6 if you set preferences to not eject the DVD upon completion of the backup?

I get a repeatable error if I after backup immediately open Windows Explorer & try to browse the DVD by clicking on the F Drive. Error message is “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”

If I open the drawer, close Windows Explorer when it automatically comes up, and go back into Windows Explorer, I can then browse the F Drive.

Shouldn’t I be able to not have to set preferences to open the drawer?
I was going to email Nero tech support, but there are so steps to fill out I gave up

Regards, Ron


I emailed Nero & they said to update the firmware. I went to the Sony site and found a later version than the one I had on my Sony DRU710A. When I downloaded and installed that, the corrupt file message went away if the eject disc preference was unchecked. So the problem’s fixed.
Regards, Ron