BackitUp just blows monkey chunks

Was recording a 6 cd-r set when the 4th cd-r failed with a write error and it doesn’t let you resume. So basically that set is useless. :a :a :a

Roxio Creator Classic 7.0 allows you to resume and you can also pick the speed. This is crucial if the media doesn’t support the max rate and also because burning data is flawlessly is critical. Never thought I would think a Roxio product to be superior to the Great Nero but with this app it is.

I made the assumption that BackitUp would be a solid burning app coming from Ahead. I’m know convinced it should be recalled til the major bugs are worked out. :a :a :a :a :a

PS: I’ve been using Nero since version 4.0.


I posted a similar complaint regarding a BIU project and having failed in the same way after 23 DVDs. The most recent release of BIU (6.3.20) was supposed to have remedied this problem, altho I haven’t yet tried it. Which version are you using?

:a I wish I read this forums FIRST before trusting Backitup software. :a

I have a disc set of 8 DVDs, and all the even # ones are bad. The odd # ones are good.
I did have verify on, and I wrongly assumed that if it detected a verification error, it would redo the DVD again. Instead, it just kept on going, for what purpose, I have no idea. Why would ANYONE want to continue burning DVDs if the 2nd DVD is borked, and so your data is lost.

They need to issue a HUGE appology over this so called backup application.


Roxio maintains the original file extensions of the split oversize files, it doesn’t change them to ._nc as Backitup does.

Roxio has an option to support multiple burners, which Backitup doesn’t have

Roxio has a drag-n-drop interface, which facilitates quick loading of files.