Backingup/Copying (but not decrypting) DVD's

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there was any (hopefully free?) utility that would allow me to copy encrypted/CSS DVDs straight (without decrypting it) onto my hard drive. I know all about DVDFab, Decrypter, etc etc. - but i’m NOT looking to decrypt the DVD onto the hard drive.

Simply put, I want to copy (almost on a file-level, if that is the appropriate term), without decrypting and preserving all CSS-protections/encryptions, a DVD onto my hard drive. Is this possible?

I tried googling and did not come up with anything particularly useful (i.e. saw alot of decryption sites)

Thanks in advance!

~MMN Maniac

the purpose of the protection is to disallow copying.

thus if the “protection” allowed the process of getting it to your hard drive even with the protection in place, then it wouldn’t be protecting anything at all.

there’s no way of ripping a dvd without removing the protection because it’s the protection that keeps you from ripping it in the first place.

and as to the next question you’re going to ask…movie companies with ginormous budgets can’t adequately protect their discs from copying, so even if you decrypt something and rip it to your hard drive you won’t be able to add any sort of encryption that’s worth a damn later on…

hmmm…selling pirated movies much?


TO enlighten instead of just mocking…

The CSS is on a part of the disc which your burner can’t burn, and your ripper won’t rip. Thus, no you cannot do what you’ve asked.

I’m not mocking. Just wondering if we’re selling pirated movies much.

thanks for the answer. i knew that u couldn’t copy a dvd directly, just never really knew how CSS worked.

~MMN Maniac