BackingUP Beatles Anthology

Hi all, I´m trying to backup my Beatles Antholgy DVD´s, the Anthology are 4 DVDs but I have 4 DVD compressed in only 2, so each DVD is 7.7GB (not exactly).

I want to make backup in 4.7GB DVDs, so I have problems… My questions are:

  1. Is there way to make this?
  2. Can I make some kind of .iso image, so I can have a hard disk backup and have to rip the DVDs only once?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Do you have the ORIGINALS?

If so, yes use DVD Decrypter to rip them to ISO files. This is accomplished by clicking “mode” and then “ISO->Read”. All done, yay! Never have to rip them again.

If you do not have the originals… stop pirating movies.

In either case, please try to explain more clearly next time - your post made my brain hurt.

Heh, sorry for that brain hurt, I was short of time and have to tip fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Beatles Anthology is suposed to be 4 DVDs (4.7GB each), but I have it in only two, original, with the same content than the 4 DVDs edition. Each DVD (more than 7GB each) has two chapters.

I have only 4.7GB DVDs, Dual Layer blank media is very expensive, so I want to backup it on 4.7GB DVDs, but I need to “cut” the DVDs in some way, that´s my problem :).

I´m pretty new in copying DVDs, thats why my silly questions about an iso file.

I assume that each DVD has two titlesets then, and no menus? Just open DVDShrink, click reauthor, choose one titleset (drag it over to the lefthand pane) and click backup. (Sounds like it will not require compression, but Shrink will remap the streams for you.) Repeat for each titleset. You can set DVDShrink to output an ISO. To burn, open DVDDecrypter, Mode -> ISO Write. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that info :), just one more question, can the backup, made through reauthor, be played on a regular DVD player? (a DVD player conected to the TV set)

Usually. Your mileage may vary, but MOST set-top boxes will play backup media. Whether or not it will play on YOUR choice of media… is trial and error. Might have to try a couple brands until you find one that works. Always check the LAST chapter on the disc, that’s the part most likely to screw up.

Oh, and for my money here’s what I would do.

  1. Rip disc to hard drive with DVD Decrypter in file mode.

  2. Make two new folders for the disc.

  3. Fire up VOB Blanker.

  4. Set the output folder to one of the new folders.

  5. Blank the first titleset (presumably you made a note of which one this was during playback or by looking at it in DVD Shrink).

  6. Repeat with the other folder for the other titleset.

This has the advantage of keeping all the spiffy menus. You can then, if you want, use MenuEdit to remove the unused button, although I tend to just leave it since it won’t DO anything once the set is blanked.

  • Gurm

Yeah, main movie should autoplay, no menus. Or do as Gurm suggests. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Wow, great answers, thanks a lot (y).