Backing up Xbox 360 games



Not sure if anybody could help on this one

I have been using the following
Samsung SH-D162C To back up the game (With Kreon firmware)
Samsung SH-S182D dual layer burner
Datawrite titanium dual layer discs

I firstly used backup creator which backed up the image with a .dvd file and .iso all ok
Tried to burn and crashed at 76% tried again and another coaster
I tried Clone cd and this stuck at 1% while this was happening the writer made a very loud continuous noise

I then replaced the DVD writer with a Plextor 716sa
This done the same thing on clone cd but with backup creator it went to 100% but no infomation on the cd (Xbox could not read neither the pc)

I have tried 5 different ISO and 8 discs, needed a bit of help before I run out of discs

I have tested the media with Nero just to see if the writers write to the discs and all is ok.


i would make sure you write at 2.4 speed although i have a plex 755 and writes 8x no problem, turn off any running software ie things running in background antivirus and other startup programs like clone cd etc, go to start button, select run command then just type in msconfig… go to startup and untick most boxes, lookout for scanning and printing software starting up, this may help if you are low on memory, have you tried latest flash update on your writer, and also try a different media if you can. ps i use xbc for all burning, never had that problem with it so could be one of the above.

sorry for the detail if you have already used msconfig, some people have not. Hope this helps…


Thanks Darren
I updated to the new 2.5 of backup creator burnt pgr3 on clone cd and it works great

Tried Gears of War on the other hand and managed to burn the same disc 3 times but keeps coming up blank dvd but Clone dvd says the disc has been written correctly
When you look at the disc it does not look like it has been written
Any ideas


where are you dumping the files???

i found if i dump the files straight onto my desktop without putting them in a folder i get similiar results.


Can you apply the Kreon firmware to any DVD+R DL drive or does it have to be one of a select few?


it has to be to one of the select few…


i had to put a new laser in to my xbox and i just did that but it does not recognize this disc as a 360 game. does anyone know what i can do. thank you


Dude… Use Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x discs… NOTHING else…

And instead of CloneCD use ImgBurn for the burn process… please refer to this guide below, its gold!

After you’ve made your img (.dvd, .iso) file with XBC you have to close XBC then reopen it, make sure you select the “Samsung SH-S182D dual layer burner” and then go to “Write” tab and choose “imgBurn” as your Burning Engine, insert your DVD+R DL blank, then choose the .dvd or iso that you created earlier then press OK n START. Should open imgBurn and start burning the disc.



so is there any program to back up xbox games easy or is it all a long process