Backing up X 2 wolverines revenge

:confused: I’ve installed x 2 wolverines revenge, when the game starts it will not go past the introduction, it goes back to my desktop every time, my writer is a yamaha crw f1. i’ve uninstalled alcohol 120 and reinstalled. I have tried numerous times with different settings. ems on, off. What else can I do. Can anyone help me with this please My backups will not work, the original works fine. Can anyone help me please?

hello! please check out the protection used in the original disc by ClonyXXL . if it reports securom 2.8 , apply datatype securom 2 in alcohol to make a backup. I am not sure how type is used in original disc?


the protection is safedisc 2.8.

try using the profile securom 2 or download the software Alcoholer and use securom 2.51 to 8 . now you should be able to make a backup of X2 - Wolverine Revenge