Backing Up With AnyDVD and CloneCD Question

Trying to back up some DVDs with a 1:1 copy using CloneCD and AnyDVD (so that it retains the layer break.) I have a BENQ 1640.

When I launch CloneCD with AnyDVD in the background, CloneCD takes forever to rip the original DVD to the hard drive. Other solutions such as CloneDVD take about 15 minutes to rip an entire DVD, but CloneCD lists the estimated time in the hours. Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes this is normal, if you’re worried on the layer break use imgburn or yet clonedvd2 it will be ok either way.

If you just want a 1:1 copy you can use DVD Decrypter to rip in ISO mode, with AnyDVD running in the background. It’ll retain the layer break. Just burn using the MDS file in Imgburn.

Personally, w/ AnyDVD running in background, rip w/ DVDDecrypter in File Mode, then write with Sonic RecordNow Premier v8.0 (or Deluxe v7.3). If no Sonic in your arsenal, then open ripped folder w/ PgcEdit and elect to burn w/ latest ImgBurn.

If you are not copying the DVD Movie with latest Sony protection then you can copy (rip, remove protection, shrink and write) with DVD Shrink+Nero or if you don’t need to shrink the ripped file you can do evry thing with DVD Decrypter only.

I haven’t used CloneCD for a dual layer backup yet. I was going to buy a bundle of three Slysoft products to load onto a computer I am building for my mom but didn’t realize that CloneCD takes that long to rip (?!?)

Doc, you answered

Yes this is normal …
Why does it take so long? Are you sure that this is not a old, slow computer problem(?) … or a DMA settings problem? Is it because of scratched originals? Both my mom and I have pristine originals, new from the retail box from Amazon.

Can anyone else confirm that CloneCD takes a long rip time? If confirmed, then why are the times so long??


I can NOT confirm that CloneCD takes that long. In my experience it’s not any longer than ripping it with CloneDVD. I use CloneCD to create DL backups all the time and I haven’t had any problems at all. I wouldn’t call ripping times of hours “normal”…at least not with my LiteOn burner.

When I did FD3 it took an hour to do it. My PC might be the issue as it is a P4 2.4 ghrtz with 512 DDR RAM and yes The DMA is on and not in PIO mode. :smiley:

I was able to read that in about 24 minutes with my LiteOn…took longer to write by far.

It’s probably this POS Dell I have for now. LOL

Why not just do Copy-on-the-fly with CloneCD on a 1:1 copy?

Jeeze, I like my Dell. The Inspiron 9300 is a hell of a machine. Of course, I’ve replaced the DVD burner as the original seemed to have died(um, too much use?? :slight_smile: ) and just upgraded the hard drive last week. A nice 100 gig 7200 rpm drive. Laptops rock. :slight_smile:

Yikes, I’m not sure I’d recommend that on a DVD copy. I mean, I suppose you could and all, but, with DL media being 2 bucks a whack, I guess I’d rather take the time to copy it to the hard drive first.

Are you doing copy on the fly and reader & writer are on the same IDE cable?
This would explain this. In this case, use an image file.