Backing up Wc3: Frozen Throne. Please Help!

OK, I have been trying to make a backup of Frozen throne. My current copy is getting scratched up pretty bad and I am scared that one of these times, I’m gonna put it in and it won’t work.

So, I downloaded Blindwrite and I don’t think that it is the version that you guys are using because I try to follow the tutorials and they don’t go along with the program. Also, I can’t find the BWA builder that’s supposed to come with Blindwrite anywhere.

I was hoping that maybe somebody could tell me where to find the last version of Blindwrite (you can’t DL it off the site), but it would probably be more helpful if somebody told me exactly what they did to copy Frozen Throne. The more detail the better.

Oh and by the way, people keep saying that some CD drives will work and others won’t. Well I have two:
-1:1:0 - PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-116 1.21
-1:0:0 - PHILIPS CDD4851 CD-R/RW C3.7
Which one would be better for me to read, or get a BWA image with?

:bow: Thanks in advance for any input.