Backing up Warner Archive discs?



I’ve got 2 mint Warner Archive discs here that both played fine on my PS3. Yet, only 1 of them would backup, and I had to try 3 different DVD drives before one would actually identify the disc. Others just kept spinning. These discs are apparently authored in some special way. I looked at the data side of both discs… Freebie and the Bean is your typical burned disc. Nothing remarkable. It copied. The other one, Captain Sindbad, has some strange authoring rings on it, like some kind of protection/multi-session/etc. Everything fails reading it at around 40%.

Any ideas? Are they changing their authoring methods as they go to screw with us? I’ve got another movie coming today to try. These movies took so long to get on disc, I want backups.


What program are you using to “backup” these disks?


Gah. I tried it on my PS3 again and it skips a little, but that’s exactly the way the disc came. It’s just been sitting here since November. I’m gonna be pissed if I have to order another one. It was the first WB Archive disc I got, so I didn’t know what the hell to think of it at the time.

AnyDVD didn’t even read the good disc. DVD Decryptor did it. DVDFab had the same issue with the bad one. Didn’t try the good one on it.

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