Backing up Warcraft III

I have searched forums and tried methods but maybe I need to fill in info that will lead to a successful back-up.

I have Warcraft III and the expansion Frozen Throne. I scratched up my Frozen Throne cd pretty badly (or what I would think to be) and apparently it still works and installs the game no problem. Although, just in case it messes up for good, I wanted to make some kind of backup. So that leads us with what method (any are welcome) to use to give me a successful backup.

I’ve used ClonyXXL v2.0.1.5 to scan the cd for protection and it read:
SecuROM new V
Note It asks to scan the Installed directory and gives me the result

But when using this program I’m concered with weither or not the “No ASPI layer loaded” on Clony would be any issue?

If need of a .BWA file, I’ve had no success finding one of that Protection Number or making one myself. (I don’t know what a Excellent/Good/Okay/Alright/Bad/Horrible graph looks like either, so if anyone has examples…they would be appreciated.)

When using Image burning Wizard on Alcohol using SecuROM new 4.x/5.x
I can get the DPM successfully, but when it starts copying the cd it gives me these:
Read data examination error at: #####
(I have the report .txt attached)

Well I guess that’s about it as far as complications are concerned. Just let me know what you guys think, since you are the experts at this. And if you need any extra information, please let me know

Plextor DVD+/-R PX-716SA

Really? Isn’t War3 a little old to have SecuROM 4.xx? shrug What do I know, I stopped trying to make 1:1 backups long ago.

Hey mate,
Have you read:

and (so called “TwinPeak method”)?

If not, go for it!