Backing up VCDs




My nephew has been wrecking his VCDs of Sesame Street, Barney, and Disney.

I hope to be able to backup his VCDs quickly and reliably.

My burner came with a bundled Nero 5.0 and free upgrades. But using Nero takes quite some time. It's because I use the lowest burning speed to ensure his VCDs don't have errors or glitches.

(I once burned his Mickey Mouse Christmas VCD using 16x and it came out with a lot of video glitches.)

I was checking clonecd but it has a lot of "features" I don't need. It has a lot of checking. But for simple VCDs backup use, do I need to know these checks?

By the way, I am using Windows 2000 Prof. It seems like clonecd has issues with this. Am I right?

I know makers of clonecd are also here. Please advice me. I am losing a lot of money every time my nephew throws the cds in the air like a frisbee!



slap your nephew i would say…:bigsmile:

try the data cd profile (enable subchannels for audio and data) in the latest clonecd or higher

(editing profiles can be done by right clicking on the profiles; editing the settings on the drive is right cicliong also)

and you must have a burner capable of reading all 96 subchannels


Ok. I will try that.



subchannels? for why? not that it’ll slow the read down one way or another, just a bit confuzzled.


mmm…now you confuse me too

need to think…it is to warm overhere to think clear