Backing up UP!



Blue ray disk is not found on my PC … drive is ok, any old disk can be found and backed up fine. Now I have bought UP and would like to play/copy it to my Media PC and the disk can’t be found.
I suspect it is a copy protection of some kind, but it really thtoughs all my DVD Backup plans in disarray.

I have DVDFab and ANYDVD as well as DVDShrink, but they are all no good, because they all cant find the DVD that is in the drive.

pls help


Which blu-ray drive do you have? What OS are you using? Can you at least “Explore” the disk?


Do you have auto play disabled on your PC? You should always have anydvd running in the background before inserting the disc to prevent any software from running off the disc.

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I cant do anything with the disk… it is simply not found. I have 2 PC and the problem occurs on both. I am running Anydvd and have a LG Drive. disc works fine on the regular DVD player, so i think it must be some copy protection… am I the only one to ever have that problem ? surely not :disagree:

About moving this, into another forum … how ?


acctually …i thought it is LG but it is a Sony Blue Ray dvd RW DW-G121AHYS2 Feb08,2006


From what I found on this burner is that it isn’t a blu ray burner thats why you can’t see the BR disc and if it was made in 06 I am sure they didn’t even have BR then


you might be right ! that is very stupid of me :eek:… i really thought it is a blue ray player !! I will try the other PC - with anydvd and see what happens !! sorry if i waisted everybody’s time !


No prob