Backing up two sided discs (flippers)

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I’ve just about finished up backing up my DVD’s for safekeeping, but I’m now down to The Pelican Brief which requires you to get up and turn it over in the player after half the movie has shown.

Is there any way to back up this disc on one disc?

I use AnyDVD in the background and DVDShrink.

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DVD Remake will allow you to merge two disks so you can backup onto one DVD and retain menus. You can find instructions here:

I did some research on “The Pelican Brief” in order to find out whether it was a dual-layer flip disk or a single-layer flip disk. It turns out the movie came out June 1997 as one of the first commercially available DVDs and therefore was not dual layer. Thus, each layer holds 4.37 GB, which yields a combined capacity slightly larger than a standard dual layer commercial DVD. You shouldn’t have a problem fitting both disks onto one DVD5.

DVD2One will also merge a flipper.

I read the box, it doesn’t say single or double layer. Movie is 141 mins long. Disc is marked Side A and Side B. Other than that it says widescreen has the tile and PG13 rating and says Warner Bros.

put one side in the drive don’t run it open my computer then put your mouse pointer over the drive if it’s dual layer it’ll be bigger than 4.37 I think is the default.


I used a program called Movie Collector to get the pertinent data on “The Pelican Brief”. I use it to electronically organize my DVD collection. It downoads plot synopsis, disk information [# of disks, single/dual layer, length of movie, information about extras etc.] as well as front and back cover. There’s only been one DVD release for “The Pelican Brief” [R1] and that was in June, 1997, before dual layer disks were common. The data Movie Collector downloaded says the movie was released on a dual sided, single layer disk.

You can verify that the disk is single layer by putting the disk in [Side A} and clicking the AnyDVD fox icon in your taskbar or by checking in My Computer as Dr. Who suggested. If it’s over 4.377 GB it’s Dual Layer.

I’m not terribly technical, and I thank you all for your replies. As this is the only disc I own that is two sided, it doesn’t seem cost effective to buy a program to back it up with, past what I have already bought. I was going to look at DVD2one but the download page seems to have gone astray. I get page not found when I try to download a trial version.

Maybe I should just pray that my grandchildren don’t get their paws on this one, the whole project started with one of them getting into a DVD and making a mess of it.

If you don’t care about retaining the menu, just rip both sides of the disk in CloneDVD2 (free trial available on Slysoft’s site, very easy to use) using DVD-R DL mode to different folders or rip in DVD Decrypter (freeware). Then use the “Re-Author” mode in DVD Shrink and add the main title from the first disk and the main title from the second disk (should be the longest title on each disk). Make sure to put the titles in the correct order. You can preview them to ensure that you picked the correct titles.

I don’t own that one either. sigh. I have all the other movies backed up and the originals put away out of sight and reach. Maybe I should just put this one in the same place and get it out when I want to watch it.

Again thanks for all the help, you’ve all been very kind.

You can get a 30 day free trial of CloneDVD2 from the Slysoft site:

You can also rip with DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter, both of which are free. DVD Decrypter can be downloaded here:

there is some confusion
this must be one of the early disks that came out prior to dual layer and actually had to get up and flip the disk
that suxed big time

dvd shrink will do what you want, but will take a few extra steps
ie put both seperate sides of the movie on 1 disk

this how to do it
1)start AnyDvd=AD, load disk sideA, then start DvdShrink=DS
2)once DS is opened, Hit the RE-AUTHOR button at top left
this will bring up 2 windows a left and a right. In the right window in the drop down option select My Computer : you will the see all your drives : double click on the drive with your movie in it
3) in the right window you will see “MAIN MOVIE” title1 : double click it
this will analyse and add the title to the left window. once the movie is added to the left click on it once,
then on the right window click “Compression Settings” tab and untick the extra soundtracks and subtitles
(just keep one of each)
4)hit the BACK UP button at top and save the movie as “PB sideA” and make sure to remember where this movie is copying to
when finished remove movie and exit DS

  1. repeat above steps with side B of the movie but make sure to save as PB sideB else you will copy over the first half
    when finished exit DS

  2. start up DS again hit reauthor button
    in right window browse to your first title ie PB sideA, double click on title1 in MAIN MOVIE, this will add the movie to the left pane

  3. go back to right window, hit the DVD browser Tab, go up one level {hit the folder with the arrow in it near the right upper border} and find your PB sideB double click it and add its movie to the left pane as well. you will now have 2 title1 movies in left pane. this is ok

8)hit the BACK UP button and save title has PB full
DS will shrink both titles to fit a single layer disk
then burn this title ie PB full to disk with whatever you regularly use

zaq I can’t express how happy I am that you posted how to do it and alerted me to come read it :wink: It worked beautifully! I would never have figured out how to do this.

I tried to do what jasonwc advised but I got lost and gave up. Your step by step instructions made all the difference :wink: Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks :wink:

Blessings to you and yours :wink:


I missed that it was Pelican brief. I did that movie just last week. It is a single layer, dual sided disc. I ripped both sides and then used dvd2one to do a movie only copy (there are no extras anyway). Just add Side A as normal and then click the ++ button at bottom and add side B as a seamless title. That will add side b after the end of side A and make a complete movie with no pause or skip.

Just an FYI for those dvd2one owners/users.

Glad to help
I will save this post, haven’t typed this much in long time :slight_smile:

yes zaq very nice info :clap: