Backing up to hard drive



I would like to put my dvd’s onto my hard drive. I have tried all of the different software but not sure what i need. I want to have it on my hard drive and back it up on cdr, so it needs to be around 700 meg with good quality. I like the clonedvd suite, but not sure how to rip the file down to that size and keep the quality. Can anyone offer any help?


700 meg with good quality not without burning on more than one cdr. Why would you want to burn movies to cdrs when you can now burn them to dvds and get the good quality? DVD rewriters do not cost that much if you do not already have one. You say you have tried all the software what softwares are you talking about? I am assuming you are talking about bought dvd that you want to back up not short dvd that might fit on a cdr.


dvd fab, clonedvd, anydvd, dvddecrypter. Most of the popular titles. I just connected my tv to my computer and want to put all of my titles on a external hdd so that i can just select them instead of having to find the disk and load it. Plus we are having a baby and i don’t want to get all of those disney disks scratched as i’m sure anyone with kids can relate to. Got the dvd burner and all but more or less just want to get the 700meg files on there and then back them up to cdr just in case i lose the drive i guess.


Impossible Kevin.

I sense samlar’s polite reaction to the impracticality of what you are suggesting. And I agree.

The shortest movies on DVD are 4GB in size. All Disney movies are dual layer or about 8GB in size, but lets just take 4GB as an example. You [I]cannot[/I] compress that to a 700 MB cd … using very rough numbers, it’s about 1/6th the size. You would be throwing away somewhere around 84% of the data on your original DVD. Clone DVD’s meter would read about 16% which would definitely qualify all of your backups as comedies. :bigsmile: This is way beyond impractical. Your backups would look [I]horrible[/I]! This is not a working backup solution to the [I]inevitable [/I] event that your HDD would [I]will fail [/I] someday anyway. And you have wasted all that ripping to storage labor.

No disrespect intended (seriously) but the whole industry of backing up the movies we buy onto DVD recordable media was invented to provide the exactly solution you are trying to accomplish. If you don’t mind the nudge, just buy a DVD player, make backups onto DVD media, stash the originals away where the kids can’t get at them and play the backups like everyone else.

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