Backing Up TO DVD (image) ala Norton, Ghost, Powerquest

Quick question for those in the know with DVD’s…

Is there a way to create a new image ala PowerQuest directly to DVD?

I looked at DQ recent version, but could not get it to work, plus it had to install a Microsoft .NET protocol.

Basically, I’m looking to create a restore IMAGE from this date forward of my ENTIRE “C” drive directly to DVD.

I’ve tried non image (back-up) programs and they where not as SOLID as a complete image (IMHO).

Thanks for any advice…


Why are you asking about it @LiteOn Forum ?
General SW Forum is a much more appropriate place for that.

Well, I have only posted in here and as a Lite On user, I thought maybe some here had experience with software and Lite-On drives.

Don’t want to cross post now though.