Backing up to and playing DVD straight off the hard drive probs, lossy/choppy quality

Hi all,

Lately i’ve been trying to back up my DVDs to my hard drive, the goal is to play lossless backups with the menus and extras intact. So I can watch my my stuff on my laptop straight off the hard drive without having to lug around a CD case full of DVDs. However, when I rip my DVDs I notice that it isn’t DVD quality. I see jagged edges around the menus and characters, it still looks ok but it isn’t really DVD quality. I’ve been using DVDdecrypter, in File mode. Then using Nero Showtime to watch the backup, as other players like VLC, Media Player Classic won’t let me watch the movie. I just double click the VIDEO_TS.IFO file and Nero Showtime will play the files just fine. Although these slight imperfections are really bugging me. With Lady Vengeance when I hover over the menu selection a yellow block appears over the text, when I watch the original DVD on my TV it looks fine. Hard drive space isn’t really an issue. Thanks!

Sounds like problems with the laptop display driver and/or hard drive DMA status. Choppy playback is usually because the hard drive cannot deliver the data quick enough, so checking DMA is the first step, then making sure the files are not fragmented.

It’s not only on my laptop, I rip the DVDs on my desktop then transfer them to my laptop. The movies look the same on both systems. I found a guide for checking the DMA. It’s checked/enabled. I don’t undertsand what you mean by making sure the files aren’t fragmented. I was kinda hoping that I was ripping the DVDs wrong, or there was some program that would clean up the quality of the files after I ripped them.

If there are no read errors showing in Decryptor during the rip, then the files are intact.