Backing up Thin Red Line



Hello everyone.
I was backing up my original via DVDFab Plat and upon viewing it the picture quality was not very good. Small blocks were visable. Im wondering why?


Actually I tried using DVDclone and the same thing, small blocks are visable? Hmmm


Could be from poor quality blank media used and burning to fast :cool:
try using another brand of media and do the burn speed at a slower speed :smiley:


Tim is right on about the media, as he said try another brand of media such as TY’s or Verbatim’s




Also you might try a DVD lens cleaner, they recommend cleaning the lens after every 10 hours of operation on players and burners


Any one have comments about Memorex DL media, I have experienced some problems burning, not sure if it is the media, I am using a Memorex DL burner?


A Memorex DL burner should handle Memorex DL media if you are having trouble with the backups try doing a Registry Clean up and Dragment your system :smiley:

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Hi h9wilson,

Yup, one word…[B]unreliable[/B]. Memorex does not manufacture media. You can have vastly different results even within the same spindle. You may get lucky on some burns, but trust me, you will certainly get unlucky. Good chance they are Ritek D01 or worse.

The only consistently recommended DL media here and most forums is Verbatim +R DL.

Take a look here:digitalFAQ.

Hope this helps.


Run Time: 170 minutes

takes a great transcode to get this on single layer