Backing up "The Thing". Has anyone had any success?

Hello all.

I got “The Thing” for Christmas and I am trying to make a backup that I can play from. I can use it to install, but not play. Anyone here had any luck?


SecuROM The Thing the last do-able version without a .BWA file found this on search you can try clone-cd but this refers to blind read and write :rolleyes:

Yes thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuddrucker, I had success copying the game. Knowing which writer you have would be useful in determining your settings. I have a Liteon LTR 48125W, this means that I use the Liteon Securom profile. If you have a Liteon as well, do the same.

i had any problems burning the game using clonecd and the securom profile with a plextor 24x.

You could try perhaps a lower reading speed and enabling “Regenerate Data Sectors.” I think that SHOULD do it, but don’t take my word for it.

Thanks for the help, I was able to make a successful 1:1 backup.