Backing up 'The Pianist'

If anyone has tried to back this DVD up, when you try to copy one of the main movie files to your HD you recieve an error. The error is always in the same place and I don’t think it’s the DVD drive. The error is on VTS_01_4.VOB I’ve tried ripping it using AnyDVD as well as with DVD Decrypter. Neither of them work. Any suggestions or does anyone know what’s going on?

If Decrypter can’t do it then the disc is probably hosed. New purchase or rental version?

it’s a rental version. what does hosed mean? i’m inexperienced with ripping disks.

FP means that the disc is no good, maybe there is a scratch or another fault with it so DVD decrypter simply just cannot read a certain section of the DVD.

I’ve ripped the PAL version of this movie using DVD Decrypter and it worked fine for me.

Sorry, hosed, waxed, defective. The Australian idiom gets away from me at times.

Decrypter can read any disc including movies that span different Video Title Sets. Where the other rippers fail, Decrypter can come through. If it fails then there is something seriously wrong with the physical integrity of the disc.

Once again, sorry for the confusion.

alright. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: makes life a lot easier. Hah no problem with the Australian.

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Hah no problem with the Australian.
Great. Just let everyone else know.

Happens to me when i get out of cold water…

oh you said Pianist…sorry read it wrong:p

I highly doubt its a physical disk problem due to the fact I get the exact same message as the thread starter and I have tried it on 2 differant disks. If someone has any idea about the possible reason other then the disk please let me know. I am using any dvd and clone dvd 2