Backing up The Mummy probs

Hu guys,

I’m trying to backup The Mummy and The Mummy Returns but am having big troubles.
On The Mummy, there are bits where they talk ancient egyptian, and on the original up pops english subtitles for these scenes automatically. But i cant get this to work on my movie only backups.

Ripped using DVDDecryper. in Movie Only mode, DVD2One shows the following …

AC3 6ch English
AC3 6ch German
AC3 2ch English Directors Commentary

Angle 1

English (again)
etc etc etc

I have chosen AC3 6ch English, Angle 1, and have tried it by selecting each of the english subs listed, and even BOTH of them.
But it doesnt work!:confused:

I tried it once with DVDshrink, and selected both English subs. Played the disc, and the subs dont pop up automatically, but if u use the remote to select English 2 subs it works.
But why wont the subs come up automatically ??

Can anyone help please?

edit - something to do with “forced subs” i believe. So how come they aint being forced?

I’m having the same probs but with crouching tiger hidden dragon… I do a full disc copy and it works but the compression is way too much where the quality really suffers. When I do movie only is when the subs don’t come up. Has anyone found anything to resolve this?

Hi mate,

I finally fixed it using this guide …

Forcing Subs on/Off

Hope this helps u too