Backing up The Exorcism of Emily Rose (R2)

Hi guys…I’m pretty much a n00b with AnyDVD, having only installed it a couple of days ago.

Now I’m having a small problem…as the title says, backing up Emily Rose is doing my head in!

At the moment, what I’ve tried is…ripping with Shrink with AnyDVD running, and ripping with the AnyDVD ripper, then shrinking etc.

Each backup I burn seems to freeze as soon as it starts playing, and it’ll only do something if you skip to the 2nd chapter.

I believe it’s ARccOS protected, if that’s any help. :slight_smile:

(I’ve been lucky so far just using Shrink…guess I got too cocky! :bigsmile: )

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Edit: A quick read of rdgrimes’ thread would seem like he’s having the same problem!

Rip it with dvd decrypter and the plugin

and after use shrink to edit :iagree:

Wow, that was fast! :eek:

I’ll give that a go tomorrow, thanks Geno…if I can remember where on my PC I downloaded Decrypter! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve had no problem, using you know what. (R2 UK). :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s all in the sig. :cool:
If problems arise with new releases, remember to help those folks at slysoft by following the guide in this post. Thanks.
BTW Arachne perhaps your pc is waiting for your new Phil oh! sorry ‘Lite-Ons’ to come on line & do the business. :iagree: :bigsmile:

Backed my R2 UK using latest AnyDvd 5941 and CloneDvd 2892 no problem.

Thanks guys…yeah, I just had CloneDVD recommended to me…so I’ll try that too, tomorrow (not tonight…too late to be making backups!) :slight_smile:

And I will certainly follow that guide, cheers, zebadee :slight_smile:

LOL, I have to collect them from my mum’s place first…that’s where they were delivered, and I’m not there til Saturday! :doh:

Thanks for all your suggestions, guys…just posting back to say that it appears to have worked, with the latest AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.

I’ve watched the first 5 minutes so far, just to check quickly (and that’s more than I got to watch before, with Shrink and AnyDVD!).

Guess someone will be spending some money when her trials expire! :bigsmile:

Thanks again :flower:

Hi :slight_smile:
Glad you got there in the end. :smiley:
All at slysoft await your funds with baited breadth. :iagree:
Going to be a busy w/e for you. New drives/software + comparing media (Verbatim vs Infiniti). :stuck_out_tongue:
A trip to mummies (with chips). :clap:
Sunday day of rest? Or the fair? (Oh no more money) :frowning: You decide. :wink:
Have a good one anyway (w/e). :bigsmile:

If you want to spend money, don’t wait until the trials expire, there is a cdfreaks discount running at the moment which you might want to use. :wink:

If you don’t want to spend money, give a try to the plugin: dvd decrypter is still free :wink:

Great, thanks, I forgot about the discount (even though it’s at the top of the page for all to see…doh!) :)…I discussed this with my mum, who said she’d go halves with me on the CloneDVD/AnyDVD bundle…trouble is, before I can get her to buy with her credit card, I have to pay her some money I owe her (bought two burners…shouldn’t be more than a couple of weeks, hopefully the discount won’t expire before then!).


Oh, don’t worry…I shall still play around with Decrypter and the PSL2 plugin :wink:


I’m gonna give the fair a miss this Sunday, no money (all the bills came in :doh: ). But my neighbour goes to every one, so I’m sure I can cadge a lift to the next one :iagree: