Backing up the .bin files

I have a sony dvd rw G120A. I have found an update here
Before flashing the drive i would like to backup the .bin files but do not know where to find it,if someone could direct me to it i would be most grapeful.
Running xpsp2. The present firmware is MYS1 and i would like to flash it with MYS6 version.
P.S I have downloaded Ltnrpc

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You can try with [I]C0deKing’s[/I] Flash Utility “read flash” function posted here.
Haven’t done this myself but IIRC this utility is able to backup almost all MediaTek chipset based drives.

Thank you! I will try this out.Do you think i have the right firmware.The liteon equivalent is SHM-165P6S. thanks


indeed, MYS6 from is the correct firmware for your drive. As pinto2 already wrote, you can use C0dekings Flash Utility to backup (and restore) your original firmware.


Thank you for your input.

Everything worked fine including the backup and flash, great,thanks to all.