Backing Up TAGES :-)

Hello, Im trying to make a backup of a Game that i have purchased. I ran ProtectionID Scanner and got the following.

Scanning -> F:\game\game.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 7821164 (077576Ch) Bytes
[!] Tages v5.5.2 (or newer) + SoftShield protected !

  • Scan Took : 2.703 Seconds

What is the best method for backing this up? Was hoping for some kind of 1 click solution instead of the old twin sector method.


Heard Virtual CD does it but not sure on what profile and settings :-S

Welcome AcI1,

what’s the title of the game and you got a CD or DVD version? Virtual CD worked for older Tages versions from my knowledge I also tried Virtual CD with Gothic3 using Tages (DVD) with no success as you can see here. But it depends on the drive and you have to use some weird mehtods switching vdrives loading from a savegame etc… so it’s not a real backup in my opinion. I read about a Tages dumper from DTools in their forum some time ago which ‘may’ be included in the Pro version hopefully this is true.

trying to do Infernal…V drives and savegames would do fine for me! do u know what settings i need for that?!?