Backing up Swapmagic 3.6?

Hi, I was wondering if its possible to back up Swapmagic 3.6 , ive had it a while and its in good condition (no scratches) if thatl make any diff, Is there anyone whos managed to back this up?, by the way there are Bad sectors for anyone who doesnt know, Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit - Im trying to backup the DVD Disk not the CD Disk

It’s possible to do so but…
It won’t work unless you load it up with another Swap Magic :slight_smile:

Yes but you will need to boot the backup from your original swap magic disc, the whole point of swap magic is that it has those bad sectors that cant be written by a home dvd writer (which the PS needs in order to boot) just like an original PS disc, hence needing the swap magic disc to boot a PS backup, if we could backup and use a swap magic disc we would be able to backup an original PS disc and boot from it without needing a swap magic disc in the 1st place

Good point - Now i feel dumb for even asking it lmao, But still I head some people did it using blindwrite or somthing and wanted a seccond opinion

only stupid if you didnt ask :wink:

ive heard many strange things such as people claiming to have forced the disc out at a certain point of the burn and claiming it wrote bad sectors and worked, but im yet to see proof of anybody making a backup that works with no modchip/swap disc etc

True true,
If anything making a backup of a newer Swap Magic disc
and using an old original to boot it up has it’s advantages :wink: