Backing up Star Trek TOS disks

I recently posted my previous problem with these disks in this thread

help? What is needed: Flash, cross flash, none of the above?

I finally got my computer to recognize the disks by slowing down the drive speed with Nero drive speed. Now, whenever I make a backup each copy refuses to play on my dvd player. I tried using Clone DVD, then I tried using anydvd->clone dvd, then I tried using Alcohol. Im wondering if this problem is connected to my previous one of the computer not recognizing the disk, or if its only copy protection related, or none of the above? The only other solution I can think of is just try as many different burning softwares as possible which I will be doing when I get back from class today, but before I went and cluttered my HDD and made a whole new set of coasters I wanted to see if anyone else had any experience with these disks or suggestions? These things were way too expensive to not backup, I dont even want them to see sunlight.

Should this have gone in the “Copy DVD movie” forum?