Backing up splinter cell

I’m bummin. I’ve tried to back up Splinter Cell (Safedisc 2.80.011 ) with Clonecd and Alcohol 120% I had all emulations off in Alcohol and Bypass EFM errors unchecked as suggested in other threads in this forum. I’ve tried the Safedisc 2 profiles with AWS and without AWS in CloneCD, too. However, it didn’t work. The image files seem ok cuz the game works just fine when i use Daemon Tools.

I got a Plextor (PX-W4824A) and am really annoyed that i can’t get the backup to work. I had the same problem with Sim City 4 (Safedisc 2.80.010 ) first but that was fixed with a firmware upgrade (i got 1.04 now, the newest one).

Did anyone succeed in making a working backup with a PX-W4824A? Is all i can do wait for another firmware upgrade?

thanks in advance for any reactions

Sadly, your Plextor drive is only a 1-sheep burner. Because of this you should probably leave “Bypass EFM Error” enabled in the Safedisc 2 datatype in Alcohol when making your image and when burning.

Make sure you play your backup from a CD-Rom drive or enable “Ignore Media Type” in the options of Alcohol if you intend to play from your burner to get around the ATIP check.

If your backup won’t play after taking these measures, then enable “BAD Sectors Emulation” under the “Extra Emulation” options of Alcohol.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


… i happened to make a “working” backup of it just 2 days ago. used clonecd combined with clonyxxl and clonecd profiler. it was only till i tried to update it v1.1 that it didn’t quite work … tried to skip the intro and it froze on me :smiley:

mebbe i’ll try making a copy of it with alcohol … :wink:

Nope. Just doesn’t work. No matter what i do.
I tried the settings suggested by Hitman in Alcohol and Discjuggler as well.
It seems like my Plextor is just not able to create a working backup of the game :frowning: