Backing up Sony Arccos protected movies

How do I backup Sony Arccos Protected movies such as casino royale and the pursuit of happiness?

I have tried the DVDFab HD decrypter /DVD Shrink method but that does not make a backup that work in my DVD player. Any suggestions?

Try to find somewhere Ripit4me or buy latest version of AnyDVD :slight_smile:

Both should allow you to backup these movies

how do you use those programs?..I tried before and it was confusing??

When you say it doesn’t work in your DVD player, that suggests a media problem more than anything else. What kind of player do you have and what media are you burning to? DVD Fab HD Decrypter should be sufficient for backing up ARccOS protected titles. The other programs recommended are great, too, but, not necessary for what you’re trying to do. IOW, I don’t believe switching rippers is going to solve the underlying problem of getting your backup to play on your DVD player.

It sounds like you are looking for a one click program. I don’t think you are going to find a free one click program. Buy DVD Fab gold or plat and you should be good to go if you are looking for a one click solution. Otherwise there is a learning curve with freeware.

A hour worth or reading should be enough to start you down the road with freeware. :slight_smile: Google DVDshrink for dummies.

I have a TOSHIBA DVD player. I am not looking for a one click. But i have a trial of DVDFAB Gold and Platinum, then i bought the registration codes. But the codes they provided me with doesn’t work. (They say it’s not their fault and I will have to buy a new one).I’m not gonna take that chance again. If anyone has any codes, can they provide me with them?

That’s not an acceptable request :cop:

I suggest to contact DVDFab Support to ask for help or a new code :wink:

You are not giving us any good info to help you because the programs you are suing re more than enough to handle those titles. What brand of media are you using? What program are you using to burn to media with? What kind of dvd burner do you have? Also a burn log would help.

You only answered one of the questions I asked…and then only a brand. We need to know this info because it’s possible that A> you’re not using high quality media and are having burn quality issues and/or B> your player doesn’t support the media you’re burning to. This really isn’t a software problem I don’t think.

They said they recognized that you bought them and you will have to repurchase. I doubt that. Now you ask for someones elses reg key. Please read the rules here.:cop:

Originally Posted by blkarcher3
If anyone has any codes, can they provide me with them?

I use a Nexxtech DVD+R…a Toshiba DVD Player. My burner drive is a SonyDRX-500ULX.
I use Clone DVD 2 to burn the movie to a disc. Also, SOMETIMES it plays on the PC but other times it just says DISC ERROR. Then with the DVD Player, it just says ERROR WITH DISC.

Crappy media. Try Verbatim and see if it makes a difference.

nope…it doesn’t

I did those movies with HDDvdFab quite easily. You need to start checking your computer. Make sure the ram is indicating the amount you have it it correctly (i.e. a bad ram stick). I recently had a hard drive going bad which was causing problems ( i have 3 hard drives). Try burning tittle only, if that doesn’t work, the problem is your computer. I would use ImgBurn to burn.

So you tried verbatim media and it still failed? That’s rather odd…I wonder if your player requires it to be booktyped…

That’s a pretty old drive by todays standards.

I think SamuraiHL has hit the nail on the head and it sounds as if your problem relates to bitsetting.

As far as I recall it’s not possible to do bitsetting on this drive.

Your writer is an early dual format drive though so try DVD-R instead and see how you get on.



I hated that Sony drive, tbh. My dad had one and had nothing but problems with it. I would spend the 30 bucks and get a modern drive…one that can set the booktype. Check my sig if you want my recommendations on drives. Otherwise, go hit the hardware forum and read some reviews. The fact that the Sony can only sometimes read the discs that it writes…yea, that’s normal for that drive. What a piece of junk. :slight_smile:

In any case, I also would try DVD-R and see if your stand alone likes that better. Again, stay with a decent brand like Verbatim and avoid cheap discs like memorex and ridata.

Actually, I found the problem. It was the DVD player. I tried The backups at my uncle’s house and it worked fine. He has a Zenith DVD/VHS combo. Thanks for trying.

That more than suggests what we were saying is correct. That DVD player does not like the media you’re writing to. Switching to DVD-R will likely “fix” the problem.