Backing Up Securom 5 Probs!

Hi, I’ve Having Probs With Burning Counter Strike Condition Zero I Have Already Do The BWA Patching And All That Stuff It Works Perfectly But Only In The Alcohol 120% Virtual Drive, If I Burn It Into A CD-R It Doesn’t Work
Why’s THAT???>>>>…So, With Wich Method Or Program Should I Burn It?..
I’ve Tried: “DAO SAO” In Alcohol 120% And “Data CD” In Clone CD, Please I Don’t Want To Throw To The Trash Can More CDr’s, Plese Help!!!.. :confused: :a

Thanks For Reading My Thread!

Sorry For The English…

BioX-X800-XT[Changing Software Concept]

What drives do you have?

Is it the same problem as you have here.

I Have A HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B A102 It’s A LG DVD Writer,…Yeah, It The Same Problem, But I Post It Again Cause Nobody Answer Something Useful!

BioX-X800-XT[[Changing Software Concept]]

My Belief Is That Your Thread Got Closed Because You Were Trying To Use Your Friend’s Game. You Should Consider Buying The Game Instead Of Using Other’s.

Yes, I agree.

He should buy the game.

I sort of hoped that BioX-X800-XT would understand the deeper meaning of my post.

Yeah Is Easy For You To Say, The Price Of A Game In US Is Meaningless For The People That Lives In There, But Where I Am The Price Is To Much For A Student To Pay, And…Isn’t Suposed That A Forum Is To Get Help?..
So, I Gonna Get Some Help In This Place Or Only Illegal Warnings Shi$@$???..

You will recieve no help here.

My guess is that he didn’t read the forum rules

If it is too much for you to pay for, maybe you shouldn’t be playing it. Myself i would not like to see CD Freaks get into any legal trouble if we were to help you in your illegal activities. I suggest you read the CD Freaks Forum Rules.


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I think you are very annoying…what you should do is reading the forum rules.
And it is not only in this post.

The Club CD Freaks Rules.

Take your time to read them carefully.

Man!, I Don’t Belive What The Rules Says ! Hahaha, Is It A Joke?!!..It Doesn’t Left Nothing To Talk About!, Talking About The Breakable Point Of The Protections Should Be Illegal To Doesn’t It?..Cause You Are Helping Anyone Who Want To Know How To Violate The Protections Of A Game,…So In Other Words,…You Are Telling Everyone How To Break The Protections To Copy The Content Of The Media…Have Anyone Readed The License Agreement When You Install A Game Or Program?..So…What Are You Telling Me Is That You Can Help To Illegaly Break Media Protections Without Making To Much “Noise”?..

BioX-X800-XT[[Changing Software Concept]]

Just read the rules and if you don’t agree with them … don’t come here. It’s maybe hard, but it’s the only option I think.

If you keep asking things that are illegal, you probably get banned.

Btw, your caps seems to switch on at every word you type. :wink:

By the way it’s still legal in most countries creating a backup of your original regardless of the ‘The License Agreement’ from the game industy…

Man!, I Can’t Belive You Can Live With The Rules Of Somebody That You Hardly Know , No, You Only Know His Nick-Name! Are You All Right With That?..Well…So…You Know A Bunch Of Names Of Protections And How To Violate Them And You Don’t Know How To Make A Cheap Forum!!!..You Like To Be Only One More In The Bunch Don’t You?..Shi…! This Kind Of Mind Makes Me Sad…

Go buy the game. Stop being cheap. If you can’t buy it, then don’t buy it. it’s that simple. All I and the other members want to do here is help. Noone’s paying us to be here because we enjoy coming here. Accept that or don’t, but don’t try to abuse the willingness to help.

Than don’t waste your and our time … and make a forum of your own.

Bashing at people isn’t the way for getting help.

Quite! :iagree:

@ BioX-X800-XT

Please re-read the forum rules that you agreed to when you joined the forum. :cop: